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As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in creating ideas that solve problems. New ideas, unique ideas, novel ideas. Some were definitely better than others, but I always had fun and people told me they liked what I created.

Today, I write about creativity, innovation and design thinking. I share experiences from my projects, I include references from my classrooms, and resources that help me do my job as an innovator.

Review the articles, find something of interest and dig in. If you ask a question, I’ll answer. If you share a comment, I’ll reply. If you want to talk we’ll schedule a call. You see, this is what I do for fun – I’m just looking for people who want to play.

  • #DoSomething: Our part in solving the problems of #COVID19

    Recently, there has been a change in my feelings that has come from my work with others who are also feeling the same way, and are focusing on creating new ideas that solve the short and long term new problems associated with finding our new normal.

  • What’s Your Problem? Understanding how to identify the real problem to solve in a crisis.

    The mission critical part of solving a problem is confirming that you’re working on the right problem. The problem is that the direction is often an assumption, opinion or repeat of something that has been done before, but it does assume that they know what the problem really is.

  • Collaborate on The How-To Guide for Creativity + Innovation

    It's unfortunate, but most people are not confident with their creativity. Consequently, neither are their teams or organizations. When we were very young, our creativity knew no bounds. Simple drawings received praise from our parents, and recognition on the refrigerator door. The positive reinforcement inspired more drawings, and the continuous cycle created confidence.

303, 2016

“Flowers are Red” and Other Lies About Creativity + Innovation

March 3rd, 2016|Creativity, Education|

Teaching Creativity + Innovation in the College of Business at San Diego State University has provided an ongoing contribution of reference, reading and examples of what my clients and colleagues have discovered during their own exploration of their creative profile...

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