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Where do great ideas come from? Why do some CEOs have better ideas than others? Why do some companies seem to always have a lot of big ideas and others don’t have one?

The answer is the same; a guy, or girl, like me.

For most of my career, I have served as the “Idea Guy.” I have been a trusted resource for many CEOs, and have been differentiated in the marketplace by my passion, and the processes I create to generate good ideas again and again, for every type of business.


Gordon Krass, CEO IntelliGuard®2019-01-01T18:35:27+00:00

When I took over this company there several problems that needed to be addressed. At the top of the list was corporate branding. This is where I turned to my trusted advisor Kevin Popovic. Having worked with Kevin in the past I knew I would get someone who had the creative talent and passion to drive a meaningful solution. Kevin lead us through the ideation and implementation of our new brand which has served as the foundation to remake this company.

Steven Bederman, CEO NobelBiz®2019-01-01T18:40:25+00:00

First, I want it on record that you provided us with excellent work. In addition, your personal commitment to the NobelBiz team spirit was an incredible added value in so many ways. You’re a leader and an often inspiration. I found that you were equally interested in providing sound advice while, similarly, able to accept insights and direction. You are a special person with a valuable service!

Wayne Wolder, CEO Newency®2019-01-01T18:48:43+00:00

Kevin is one of those people who delivers exactly as promised. His reputation as a marketing and communications expert is well earned. We hired him as our CSO to get our marketing and communications plan moving in the right direction and in short order he delivered. If you have the chance to work with him, don’t pass it up.

Frank Schroeder, CEO IFF2019-01-01T18:52:50+00:00

Kevin is an extraordinary smart and talented individual. His creativity, organizational talent and detail-oriented production set a very high standard for his industry. It was a pleasure working with Kevin and should the need arise in the future, he will always be my immediate partner of choice.

David Steel, CEO US Green Chamber2019-01-01T19:22:17+00:00

Kevin Popovic is an innovative leader and his experience and knowledge are a huge asset to any company. His broad understanding of marketing and business makes him a natural at bringing in for new and creative ideas. He understands planning, strategy, and customer needs and delivers on his promises. I would highly recommend Kevin and I plan to use his companies services again in the near future. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Kevin.

Harvey Pollack, CEO The PT Service Group2019-01-01T18:55:56+00:00

Kevin and his team have quickly grasped the essence of what we are about as a company and our culture. As we have progressed thru each step of his process it became clear that Kevin was acting as a member of our Leadership team, concerned about our issues, and acting like our Director of Communications. This was certainly an unexpected and positive result of of our continuing relationship.

Al Condeluci, CEO CLASS2019-01-01T19:10:32+00:00

Kevin Popovic is an amazing generator of ideas. He quickly cuts through the clutter and has insightful ideas and recommendations. He is knowledgable on all aspects of marketing and public relations, but is particularly skillful and I would recommend him unconditionally. His broad understanding of people and community makes him a natural at weaving new and creative ideas with reality. We have worked on a number of projects and he is boundless in his energy and forward thinking spirit. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Kevin.

David Inns, CEO GreatCall, Inc.2019-01-01T19:06:41+00:00

Kevin really helped GreatCall get a social media strategy established and took the reigns in the first steps of implementation. His passion, energy, and knowledge of the space is compelling.

Garth Moulton, CEO/Co-Founder Jigsaw, Inc.2019-01-01T19:04:36+00:00

I met Kevin Popovic at a Sales 2.0 Conference. His look and incredible passion caught my (and everyone for a city block’s) attention immediately, but his utter command of the material and snazzy examples and results made him the highlight of the Conference. He is also a total character, and I mean that as high praise.

Dan Rossi, CEO UCP of Central Arizona 2019-01-01T19:12:14+00:00

It has been a wonderful experience working with Kevin over the years. Recently he has been working on UCP of Central Arizona’s awareness campaign. He has brought a new fresh perspective to our message. Kevin has also shown us the value of using social media products to spread the word about the great things we are doing!

Paul Mackay, CEO Aussom Aussie BBQ2019-01-01T19:14:28+00:00

Kevin’s leadership and talent put him at the forefront of revitalizing and reshaping our brand into a cohesive and concise achievable strategy that still exists today. The culture within or organization improved tremendously and allowed everyone in our team to become disciples of the plan. Kevin has our thanks for all his great direction over the years. I would highly recommend him for any business.

Greg Godek, CEO Simple Simon2019-01-01T19:17:37+00:00

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years, and I’ve engaged many consultants and coaches . . . but it wasn’t until I met Kevin Popovic that I found what I didn’t quite know I was looking for: a Corporate Muse. The man is mildly brilliant. His insights into business dynamics and sales are focused through his lens of communications skills and web-based technologies. My business has taken a quantum leap since I began working with Kevin.

AJ Bajaj, CEO GotUWired2019-01-01T22:02:30+00:00

I brought Kevin on as my company’s Idea Guy. He helped transform our organization and give it a true brand identity. Everything from the logo, website design and a marketing strategy were given under his guidance. His creativity and ability to separate us from the competition is second to none.

Wayne Levy, CEO Equity Funding Group LP2019-01-01T19:25:16+00:00

Kevin served my company as our “Idea Guy” for over a year. His responsibility was not only to report to me, but to manage my staff as necessary who looked to him for direction and guidance in executing our annual communications plan. We knew each month what we were getting into, and how much it was going to cost, and had some metrics of evaluating how we did. And as we needed tools to support the plan, Kevin made sure we had it. It was nice to know that everything was taken care of.

Jon Carder, CEO EMPYR2019-01-01T19:27:35+00:00

Kevin is one of the most creative individuals I’ve ever met. He is full of great ideas that have the power to transform a business. He “gets it” better than most and is able to use his talents to cater to almost any type of business. Whenever we had an executive level brainstorming session it was always about 2X more productive if Kevin was in the room. He is an invaluable asset to any team. He also has a broad skill set that includes everything from graphic design to video editing to business strategy to PR and beyond. Just pick and place where you could use some improvement and set Kevin loose to watch what he can do. You won’t be disappointed. Kevin is also extremely loyal and an all around great person. His values and character are second to none.

Greg DeFeo, CEO Pittsburgh Technical College2019-01-01T19:30:03+00:00

 have had the pleasure to work with Kevin on several occasions over the past 5 years. To say the Kevin brings creativity and marketing savvy to an organization would be an understatement. From overall marketing plans, creative concepts, web development, video production and print, Kevin consistently delivers unique and effective ideas and campaigns. I highly recommend this talented individual.

Tim Johnson, CEO/Founder The Revenue Catalyst Group2020-02-29T20:41:13+00:00

Kevin is a very rare creative strategist with the ability to comprehend your business model and objectives and bring them to life through multiple mediums both online and conventionally. He is enthusiastic, responsive and takes great pride in his work.

Alissa Walters, CEO Blindsgalore™2020-02-29T20:40:31+00:00

The Idea Guy workshop was a hit with our team. I gave Kevin little direction, a tall order on what to deliver, and a breakneck timeline. He has rolled with all my punches and inserted himself quickly into the close knit team we have. When my team first met him on the first day, they appeared wide-eyed at what he and I were asking them to accomplish, and by the second day’s end, they were enthusiastically delivering on our big asks, all with a smile and a spirit of camaraderie. It was nothing short of magical to see the team come together like that, and it was all at Kevin’s helm. I am on the edge of my seat to see what Kevin can coax out of my team next.

An Accomplished Educator

Education has provided me the knowledge I needed to be prepared for my experiences: A Bachelors in Communications, a Masters in Multimedia and Doctoral Studies in Instructional Technologies.

Sharing my knowledge in the classroom as Instructor, Lecturer, and Director prepared others for their journey. Teaching Creativity and Innovation in the School of Management has provided insights future business leaders need to compete. Creating the Idea Lab, part of the Zahn Innovation Platform at San Diego State University, has provided the programs all students need to succeed.

Today, I serve the University of California San Diego as the Education Manager for The Design Lab, responsible for curriculum, co-curricular programs and communications.

A Published Author

Having great ideas is one thing. Doing something with them is another.

I’ve always chosen to share my ideas with others, and many times this has taken the form of the written word. Whether it was what I learned after twenty years running a creative agency, or the strategy I developed using social media for business, I have found books to be an interesting medium to help other business leaders learn what I have learned and to create engagement with my audience.

Get my books online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other better bookstores online.



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