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What’s Your Problem?™ is an accelerated innovation program for groups of remotely-located people that need new ideas in a short amount of time: from 1-day to one month.

Based on over 8,100 hours of research at ZIP Idea Lab at San Diego State University, we found that companies can quickly identify real problems, organize teams online, and execute an innovation funnel process that can create solutions 67% faster and impact business performance more than 200%.

These same proven creative processes are now being applied to create new ideas that solve business problems helping organizations save time, save money, and gain peace of mind.

The Idea Guy Creativity Training for IdeaScale Innovation Management Platform

Learn from everyone involved in the problem.

We start by asking, “What’s the problem?” and listening to each point of view, learning what each stakeholder knows. We facilitate constructive conflict to create statements with words that communicate clear intent and lead to the consensus from all participants.

The result is hard to have conversations that get to the real issues using IdeaScale, the world’s leading innovation management platform. Moderated to maintain focus, and managed to stay on schedule, activities are measured to identify who signed up and who leaned in

The result is a 67% higher rate of active participants who understand the process, have the individual confidence to fully participate, and are prepared to move forward together.

Once approved, the Problem Statement becomes a true North Star, guiding all future work, answering “is what we are about to do bringing us closer to, or farther away from our goals?”

The Idea Guy Creativity Training for IdeaScale Innovation Management Platform

Let’s work together on new ideas.


Participants with similar or related focus form teams, each with a unique perspective, life experience, or related skill set. This diversity of people interested in solving the same problems produces greater outcomes in the forms of more relevant ideas that have the potential to impact the problem.

This approach to team building has proven to reduce costs, reduce time to implementation, and create a more innovative culture.


Teams complete a Design Thinking workshop to apply what they have learned and rapidly prototype a potential solution.

The team gains experience building Empathy, a key component of Design Thinking, and confirms they are working on the right problem within the Define stage. This double-check ensures the ideas created during Ideate will be on point, and the prototype will be appropriate to the solution.

Based on objective community evaluation, and leadership assessment of the data, the best ideas are moved forward with confidence into accelerated development.

The Idea Guy Creativity Training for IdeaScale Innovation Management Platform

From Problem Statement to Prototype.


Teams are coached by The Idea Guy to create a powerful Problem Statement, adding language that motivates participants to address key performance indicators.

With clear intent, a Problem Plan is created to document the work ahead required to create a viable, feasible, and desirable solution within the time allocated. This results in an organized team, with clear direction, focusing on new ideas for the right problem.


Each step of the Design Thinking process is executed with go/no-go requirements. This means that no team can progress to the next step without completing the required work. When each step is completed according to the Problem Plan, the team learns best practices, ensuring consistency in the process, producing the best outcomes.

The Idea Guy Creativity Training for IdeaScale Innovation Management Platform

Presenting ideas for feedback and evaluation.

Teams are coached on how to best communicate their new ideas for evaluation by everyone in the community. Using customized rubrics, we collect quantitative and qualitative feedback to calculate the learning from the crowd.

Addressing feasibility, viability, and desirability, amongst other criteria, the crowd shared what it sees in each idea. Based on this learning, leadership can confidently assess the potential for each idea, and the return on innovation.

Leadership now has the information to make informed decisions on solutions based on well-vetted insights from experts and people involved throughout the problem.

The Idea Guy Creativity Training for IdeaScale Innovation Management Platform

New ideas that solve business problems.

The Innovation Funnel is a repeatable process to create engagement with a remote workforce. Built on the world’s largest innovation management platform, What’s Your Problem?™ is proven to accelerate innovation.

This program increases an organization’s ability to respond to current issues providing a manageable process for leaders, managers, and staff to collaborate.

Each time an organization executes the process, they improve their ability to identify real problems that decrease costs, increase revenue, and help gain measurable insights.

What if we have more questions about this program?2020-04-25T21:26:44+00:00

If you have more questions, meet with Kevin Popovic, The Idea Guy®, and get the answers you need to understand the program, and to identify where you could find your “return on innovation.”

Do you do it all for me?2020-04-25T21:04:48+00:00

Yes, we provide all of the planning, management, measurement and reporting for this program. We also “do” all of the technology development so your team can focus on their work.

Does The Idea Guy lead the entire program?2020-04-25T21:02:55+00:00

Yes, The Idea Guy leads each part of this program.

How many people do we need to run this program?2020-04-25T21:01:49+00:00

This program scales, up or down, as necessary to be the “right size” for any organization. From our experience, most groups range between 50-150 people.