A First Step Towards Innovation

Where do great ideas come from? Why do some organizations have better ideas than others? Why do some companies seem to always have a lot of big ideas and others don’t have one?

All of these questions have the same answer: Process.

An innovation funnel provides a structure for people to learn, work, develop and present new ideas, independent of the subject matter.


Learn How To Create Change

AA learning event helps everyone in the group to understand the concept of design thinking, and how it can help them generate a new idea.

Design thinking has become the leading process for creativity amongst business leaders, nonprofits and academia. According to the Design Value Index, companies that are design-lead out perform others by 211%. McKinsey & Company confirmed the same improvements in their own Design Index.


Experience Builds Confidence

Most people have the basic knowledge and skills to participate in a design thinking workshop: they just need someone to facilitate a process, answer their unique questions and provide answers that makes sense to them.

The workshop is designed to help like-minded people find each other by sharing unique problem statements. Like-minded people team up to generate potential solutions, share what they have created and identify opportunities for them to move forward.


A Plan to Solve the Problem

Teams that continue in the innovation funnel receive a coach, an expert in Design Thinking, that can help them develop a Problem Statement, addressing who they are helping, do what, in order to achieve a specific goal.

During Development, groups work on executing the project plan, develop ideas, prototypes and testing to identify potential impact.


Sell the Story Behind the Idea

Sharing the story behind the idea is just as important as creating a vision for the impact. Knowing that a process was followed, and the idea was built on learning gives confidence to the concept.

Teams follow a story sharing template to document their work, and include artifacts in their presentation slides to provide proof of their work and what they learned to build a culture that inspires creativity and innovation.

What Clients Say

The Idea Guy was a hit with our team. It was nothing short of magical to see the team come together like that, and it was all at Kevin’s helm. I am on the edge of my seat to see what Kevin can coax out of my team next.

Alissa Walters, Blindsgalore

We have partnered with The Idea Guy on projects because he’s THE expert. Kevin’s expertise helped us create an innovation funnel for the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency that helps all types of people generate new ideas.

Steve Hornberger, Social Policy Instiitute

The Idea Guy did a fantastic design thinking workshop; passionate, articulate and patient. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session and left with prototypes on hand and pumped up for design thinking and entrepreneurship.

Is an Innovation Funnel Right for You?