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Design Thinking Workshop for Entrepreneurs

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families is proud to announce THE IDEA GUY will be providing a Design Thinking workshop at the 2020 Veteran EDGE Conference which will take place March 7, 2020 in Dallas, TX. This unique learning event is dedicated solely to veteran and military spouse business owners and the ecosystem that supports them.

I am excited to work with IVMF again, in support of our veterans and military families that are growing their businesses. Their passion is infectious, and the outcomes are always incredible. – The Idea Guy

Over the course of four hours, stakeholders, IVMF program graduates, and veteran and military-spouse business owners from around the country will gather to learn about Design Thinking in order to solve the problems for their growing companies.

If your business don’t have a process to create new ideas, you are not likely to have new ideas.

Companies need new ideas to compete. Leadership needs ideas that solve a specific problem, when they need them, and within budget. Management needs clear direction on the problem, and a method to communicate up the chain and down the line. Employees need to know how they can contribute, and that their contributions are valued.

These often competing initiatives have contradictory requirements that keep many companies from making any progress towards innovation. With this disconnection, the results often range from frustration to disappointment to, eventually, failure.