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Despite the fact that society as a whole has been able to readjust to a new everyday life, post-pandemic, the fact remains that our world around us faces enormous societal challenges that require innovation and development, where today’s needs can be met without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet theirs. 

Based on the English prefix “re”, this year’s Innovation by Collaboration focuses on the verbs and nouns that enable us, together, to share and develop new ways of working in new contexts, but also to protect and make use of what already works. Words like “re-think, re-boost, re-make, re-boot, re-claim, re-do, re-flect, re-build, re-iterate” create the basis for Innovation by Collaboration 2023.

October 4-5 the gates open for IBYC 2023, this time at the University of Halmstad – the innovation-driven institution – which also celebrates 40 years this year!

The conference offers two packed days where large parts of the national innovation support system gather to learn, be inspired and network with new and old colleagues.

Kevin Popovic, The Idea Guy®, has been invited to provide the keynote address to kick-off the conference. He will also provide a workshop for selected participants titled, “From Problems to Problem Statements: How to identify the real problem to solve.”