The Idea Guy® Partners With IdeaScale Adding Creativity Training To Innovation Management

The Idea Guy

The Idea Guy   •   November 11, 2019

Best practices in creativity and innovation delivered with leading technology platform

SAN DIEGO, Monday. November 11, 2019 – The Idea Guy®, an expert in creating new ideas that solve problems, has partnered with IdeaScale, the world’s largest cloud-based innovation software platform, to collaborate on best-in-class training programs with worldwide reach.

“Every business leader has a problem, and every one of them can be solved with a good idea,” explains Kevin Popović, Founder of The Idea Guy®. “All types of organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs, create new products or generate new lines of revenue, and the people within their organization are the most likely to solve these problems. They need someone to help get those people organized, engaged and into action – that’s my expertise. With IdeaScale, I can now engage more people from across the globe, measure their performance towards a goal, and report on the return on investment that CXOs expect.”

“IdeaScale’s mission is to empower organizations to engage their most valuable resource – passionate people – in making impactful decisions,” says Jessica Day, Co-Founder of IdeaScale. “Our data shows that the average person has about $1,200 in untapped ideas in their head, but ideas that stay there don’t add value to anyone. Organizations need a path for those innovators to contribute, and for their ideas to grow: IdeaScale facilitates that connection. We see our partnership with the Idea Guy as a way to empower those average people to be more creative, more engaged and more productive.”

For most organizations, ideation and ongoing innovation is the new normal. Companies are using proven creative processes as management tools to become “design lead,” making improvements to products, services and experiences. Brands that apply these processes, like Apple, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Walt Disney and Starbucks, report performance increases of more than 200% over their competitors, according to a Design Value Index study of S&P companies over a ten-year period.

“Our partnership with The Idea Guy will help expand our current offerings, and help our client organizations build the systemic creativity that is proven to make an impact in their performance, increasing an already significant return on investment.”

But not every company or public sector department has the skills, tools and processes necessary to share that mission across an entire organization. Companies require interaction between people, collaboration across traditional silos, and the ability to act on ideas with greater speed and efficacy in order to make substantive change. IdeaScale and The Idea Guy aim to close that gap so that organizations can train their employees in creative thinking, empower teams for success, and champion good ideas when they arise.

According to Harvard Business Review, “higher ideation rates are correlated with growth and net income, because companies with an innovation culture not only generate better ideas, but are organized and managed to act on them.”

Sean Miller, VP of Innovation Advisory at IdeaScale is responsible for helping organizations develop innovation strategies that deliver positive outcomes. “We are very excited about exploring how we can include creativity resources, best practices and training throughout our platform. Our goal has always been to help our clients create more ideas, and improving the creativity for our end users is a priority. Our partnership with The Idea Guy will help expand our current offerings, and help our client organizations build the systemic creativity that is proven to make an impact in their performance, increasing an already significant return on investment.”

About The Idea Guy®

Kevin Popović is The Idea Guy® helping people create new ideas that solve problems through speaking, workshops, training and consulting. As a fractional Chief Strategy Officer, he works with hundreds of CEOs each year which positions him in the center of current CXO thinking. In his role as a trusted advisor, he helps simplify innovation for organizations.

Popović is a TEDx speaker, a published author and the Founder of Ideahaus®, an award-winning creative communications agency. He was the Inaugural Director of the ZIP Idea Lab at San Diego State University, and Zahn Chair of Creativity and Innovation, responsible for designing facilities and programs that help students, faculty and administrators become more creative.

About IdeaScale

IdeaScale is the largest cloud-based innovation software platform in the world with more than 25,000 customers and 4.5 million users. The software allows organizations to involve the opinions of public and private communities by collecting their ideas and giving users a platform to vote. The ideas are then evaluated, routed, and implemented, making IdeaScale the engine of crowd-powered innovation.

IdeaScale’s client roster includes industry leaders, such as Citrix, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, NASA, the New York City Police Department, Princess Cruises and many others.

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