The Future Festival, Toronto


This touring festival of innovation spans the globe both in location and in the speakers who step up to discuss how they shook up their companies and industry. As a touring festival, there are sixteen events still on the calendar as of this writing, most notably the three-day world summit in Toronto, September 15-17, but the one-day and two-day events [...]

Unleashing Innovation 2020, Amsterdam

The Unleashing Innovation conference is really all about cross-industry pollination. Designed specifically to bring an enormous range of experts from as broad an industrial base as possible into the same room for two days, the “unconference” sessions, networking lunches, and workshops give participants the ability to draw from global approaches. Speakers draw from entertainment, academia, transportation, and other industries that [...]

Harvest Summit, Sonoma County, CA

Finally, to inject a little nature into the creative process, consider attending the Harvest Summit. Focused on the intersection of technology, agriculture, and nature, the summit puts some of the most intense creative thinkers in the center of one of the most beautiful places in the world to look at how our built world and our natural world intersect, and [...]