The Beginning

Blindsgalore was founded by Chelle Walters during the explosion of shopping online for home decor. Alissa Walters boarded in 2008 and, as CEO, upholds the longest history of selling window treatments online with an unmatchable depth of product knowledge from real design experts who truly care about personal service.

The problem was that competition has been increasing for Blindsgalore, and although they have matched service expectations by clients, and pricing strategies from competitors, they haven’t been able to find an “irresistible offer” for their clients.

The Change

Blindsgalore contacted The Idea Guy to help solve their problem. Using an Innovation Funnel, we facilitated a conversation about the customers we were trying to entice with an irresistible offer. It turns out that there are ten different types of customers, and that each one is motivated by different things. The entire organizations shared what they knew about each customer to create personas.

Teams were formed to create a potential offer, and everyone scored the ideas against the same criteria. All the scores were shared across teams, and the three highest scoring were scheduled for development. The staff that were most receptive to creating new ideas, and that demonstrated an aptitude to collaboration were designated an the internal design team responsible for moving new ideas forward.

The Results

Today, Blindsgalore has a common language for discussing problems, a process for problem solving, and a system to generate new ideas that keep them competitive in their marketplace.

“The Idea Guy workshop was a hit with our team. I gave Kevin little direction, a tall order on what to deliver, and a breakneck timeline. He has rolled with all my punches and inserted himself quickly into the close knit team we have. When my team first met him on the first day, they appeared wide-eyed at what he and I were asking them to accomplish, and by the second day’s end, they were enthusiastically delivering on our big asks, all with a smile and a spirit of camaraderie. It was nothing short of magical to see the team come together like that, and it was all at Kevin’s helm. I am on the edge of my seat to see what Kevin can coax out of my team next.” – Alissa Walters, CEO, Blindsgalore

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