Community Health Improvement Partners


The Beginning

Established in 1995, Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) has been a leader in innovative, collaborative solutions to address critical community health issues in the San Diego region.

CHIP brings together diverse partners to assess community health needs, educate, and advocate to create policy, systems and environmental change which reduce health disparities.

The mission of CHIP is to advance long-term solutions to priority health needs through collaboration and community engagement.

“The challenge is in getting things completed that bring us closer to our mission and goals.” Ed Quinlan, CEO

There’s a big difference between participation and engagement. Some people show up, and others lean in. Trying to get people together at the same time, in the same place, and on the same page is a giant task. And transparency is a big deal; who said what, and when. If we ever expect to impact our challenges, we have to be able to create solutions, in a timely way, that check all the boxes, clear all the hurdles, get all the approvals, in order to move forward.

The Change

CHIP partnered with The Idea Guy to create the CHIP Innovation Center, and online resource “committed to engagement, innovation and execution within our communities.” In partnership with The Idea Guy®, CHIP Innovation Center provides process, programs and support that help us all improve our creativity and innovation.

Ed Quinlan says, “The Idea Guy brings objectivity into our problem; an independent subject matter expert to help us gain consensus. He has been able to teach us about creativity, using a proven process built on a track record of results.

The Results

With IdeaScale, we can crowdsource ideas, collaborate with others and vote ideas up and down. We can measure the difference between participant and engagement and monitor using dashboards. We can move the needle; from invitation to ideation, to collaboration, moderation, to motivation, to management. With The Idea Guy, we can consistently exceed the benchmarks of other IdeaScale communities.

“With The Idea Guy, we can consistently exceed the benchmarks of other IdeaScale communities.”

Today, we can increase our reach to create engagement with the target population. We can facilitate conversations (collaboration) between all of the people involved in the problem, and most importantly, we can accelerate development of ideas that creates solutions that bring us closer to achieving our goals.

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