The County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency


The Beginning

The County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency is responsible for the health and well being for more than 3 million people, the fifth largest county in the United States. With the growing awareness of behavioral health issues in most populations, Behavioral Health Services in proactively looking for technology solutions to innovate behavioral health.

No matter how much money the County could budget to provide services, current systems can’t support everyone with needs. Currently, more than 80,000+ people receive some type of behavioral health services from the County of San Diego, but one in five don’t even know they need help.

The Change

The County funded a proposal from SDSU Social Policy Institute, Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) and The Idea Guy™ to create BeHealth.Today™, an innovation funnel for people with lived experience, family members and community groups to generate new approaches to uses of technology in behavioral health.

Delivered in multiple cohorts across the county, BeHealth provides Learning Event to understand the process, Workshops to generate new ideas, Development to prototype the ideas and Presentations to potential funders.

The Results

Today, BeHealth™ facilitates collaboration with in-person gatherings of Behavioral Health Services (BHS) stakeholders and ongoing communication among the community throughout the process, testing new approaches to mental health assessment and intervention.

“BeHealth.Today is a complete process, from education to workshops to presenting a proposal for consideration.”

HHSA now has a repository of new ideas that can be the impetus for new proposals and ongoing innovation to support the people of San Diego County.

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